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Why alternative energy is important - (renewable energy)

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Fossil-based fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas) currently provide about 85% of all energy use both in Nigeria and worldwide. We all know that these resources are being constantly depleted and can't be replaced within any practical time span. People often wonder how long exactly would they last? The remaining amount of a particular resource is often characterized by the so-called Reserves-to-Production ratio (R/P). In plain language, R/P basically gives us the length of time the reserves would last if their usage continues at the current rate. Here are estimated world total R/P ratios for the main conventional fuels: oil - 46 years, natural gas - 58 years, coal - 118 years. Of course, the usage is constantly changing and once in a while, new deposits are found. That's why the above numbers are corrected every year.
Aside from being finite, energy production from fossil fuels results in by-products of combustion, or emissions. These emissions affect our environment and maybe causing climate change. In contrast, renewable energy (RE) resources, as the name implies, are constantly replenished naturally and will never be exhausted. Their use generally has a much lower environmental impact than that of conventional fuels. That is why the technologies that utilize them are often called "green". In addition, RE can boost Nigeria's energy security by reducing our dependence on imports. All these factors, coupled with government incentives and mandates, resulting in a growing interest in using alternative sources of energy.


Renewable energy is derived from various natural processes, such as the Sun's electromagnetic radiation, tides, or heat generation within the Earth. Here is a list of the main types of practically utilized alternative energy sources:

Sunlight: the solar photon flux can be converted to heat, electricity or chemical energy;

Wind: the motion of air molecules can be harvested in wind turbines that spin the shaft of electric generators or in windmills;

Biomass or biogas: organic materials can be used for cooking and heating, as well as to produce electricity and liquid transportation fuels;

Water: potential and kinetic energy of flowing water can be tapped to produce electricity or mechanical tasks.

Note that there is some controversy about the classification of nuclear power. Usually, it is excluded from the list of renewables. However, it is known that rivers eroding the Earth's crust replenish Uranium dissolved in seawater. Also, nuclear fission in so-called breeder reactors creates more fissile isotopes than it consumes. So, although technically raw nuclear fuels are finite, because of their enormously large amount and because of the above replenishing processes, they might be considered RE as well. After all, biofuels are finite too, but they are treated as RE.


The most affordable RE

Renewable energy has two main Disadvantages.

1 - Renewable resources are not always available where and when they are needed. For example, hydropower resources are limited by geography and are often located in remote areas. They are expensive to install.

2 - The storage, One of the problems with electricity is that it cannot be efficiently stored in large quantities for later use. It is unpractical for example to have a battery backup in a gigawatt-scale power plant. 

Solar renewable energy does not concur with this disadvantage, in that, the sun can be found everywhere in the world. Although the duration and distribution vary, it can still be found almost everywhere man lives. In fact, solar panels are been built to capture even the slightest sunlight. Solar RE is the most affordable because of the slash in the cost of production of solar panels. A 50% reduction in the cost of production of solar panels has been attained, making it very affordable. Advanced battery technology has been developed for solar RE to store a large capacity of power that can be used at a later date.

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