Solar installation training in Lagos

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Solar Installer and Inverter Training

As part of our effort to build and empower individuals, Beebeejump International organized training for people who are interested in being experts in the installation of solar panels and inverters. The training which was held at Plot 3, Block J, Otunba Jobi Fele Way Alausa CBD Ikeja took place between the 16th to the 19th of September, 2020 and had around 30 potential Installers in attendance. The training involved both theory and practical hands-on approaches to the installation of solar panels and inverters. The prerequisite to attend the training was knowledge in Physics or electrical engineering.

Francis Olaniyan took the participants through what the training would look like, what they stand to learn and benefit from. He went further to introduce the lecturers and the courses they would be teaching. Henry Onaolapo opened the eyes of participants to what the field of renewable energy entails and the opportunities that abound in the novel field in Nigeria. The proper training began with trainees being taken through a very important aspect of our daily lives called Safety. Miss Shem took the Trainees on how important it is for them to always think about safety first in all that they do, and also to make sure they use their protective gears at all times when they are about to install.
Sky Guo took participants through how to understand and know how to identify the various types of solar panels and how to size solar panels. Also, they were also taken through the lesson on how to connect solar panels in series, parallel, and parallel-series connection of panels. Kenneth Uchendu took participants on how to install inverter and batteries, roof mounting techniques, energy efficiency, energy auditing, and system design. Then came the turn of Bertha, who took the trainees on how to understand inverter load and calculate power estimations, battery technology, and types of battery, this also involved a practical hands-on approach. Alabi Olasunkanmi later took participants through the business and opportunities in the solar industry. He was able to teach them how to market and make money in the solar industry.
At the end of the training, participants were tested, and 12 of the participants were issued a certificate of participation, which also certifies them as Beebeejump Installers for 1 year. Participants were also given installation gadgets at no cost, it has to be noted also that the training free of charge, with the company bearing the cost. The certificate is expected to be renewed at the end of the expiration of the 1-year certification.

If you are willing to participate in the training in the future, look out for training details on social media handles and also our official website.

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solar company in Nigeria |  solar product for household in Nigeria