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Direct Sales Agent (DSA)

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How to make money selling solar product in Nigeria

sell and earn commission

How to Sell and Earn commission as a Beebeejump Direct Sales Agent

Beebeejump has over 400 DSA across the 36 states in Nigeria. 

We empower and encourage people to join us in other to make extra income simply by advertising our solar power product anywhere they are and on social media. This is not done for free, we give incentives and commission to whoever brings in customers to buy our solar system. 

In-person registration

No matter the location you are in Nigeria, we have got you covered call the regional managers to register. All the information you need will be given to you.

North-Central - 08032221539

South-West - 08033794102

North-west - 08033111939

South-East - 08099446602

South-South - 08034394820

Lagos - 09098845487

Online registration

Register online and start earning, use the button at the bottom left-hand side of this page now. And you will be contacted.

Our S1 product is very unique, it is produced with the highest of standard, you will be proud to sell our product and earn money. With just 30 products sold you can earn 450,000 Naira.

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