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FAQ in Solar Companies in Nigeria

2020-12-17 22:46:16 admin 133

What is Photovoltaics(PV) solar technology

The PV solar technology makes use of sunlight to generate electricity. The technology is made up of PV materials that are semiconductors. A single PV device is called a cell which has the capacity of generating 1- 2watt of power. For the PV materials to withstand the harsh condition for many years, they are sandwiched with protective materials like glasses and or plastics. To generate more power the cells has to be combined, a combination of cells is called a panel. This device is generally known as the solar panel and it is a primary accessory in the solar system. It is mounted on the roof or anywhere sunlight can be trapped. The rural electrification project embarked on by the Nigerian Government as recorded progress of being the ‘largest off-grid solar hybrid plant. It consist of 10,680 solar panel.


What are the component of a solar system?

The emblem of a solar energy system is the solar panel, as important as it is. It is not the only essential part of solar power generation. For a solar energy system to function it must have four components in synergy.

The solar panel, solar storage battery, and Inverter.

The panel traps sunlight and generates DC electricity. Monocrystalline panels consist of singular large crystals, are darker in color, even in aesthetic consistency and, as a result of the production process, the corners of cells are usually missing. Polycrystalline panels consist of multiple smaller crystals, can be light or dark blue in color, and have variations in texture where some patches are lighter than others. Beebeejump int’l limited is a solar company in Nigeria that maximizes the two designs of panels. The F1 product uses the monocrystalline panel design while the S1 and H module product utilizes the poly-crystalline design to make good use of the sunlight. Solar storage battery stores the energy gotten from the sun, it is a vital part of the solar energy system, while the solar panels stop working because of the non-availability of sunlight the solar battery serves the energy for the users. Inverters are a crucial part of any solar energy system. Their purpose is to convert the DC electricity that the solar panels produce into 240V AC electricity, which is what powers everything in your home.


How long does a solar system last

According to sage energy, a solar panel will last for 25-30 years. But it does not mean that it will stop producing electricity after the said years. It only means that there will be a decline in energy production by the solar panel. And the declination is basically because of the degradation of its composing material. So 25 years is guaranteed


Can I use photovoltaics for my home and business?

Photovoltaics is mainly for homes and businesses. It can be used to power appliances used at home and businesses. The AC, Desktop computer, Laptops used in corporate businesses can be powered by the solar energy system


How big a solar system do you need?

To power your Basic home appliances like TV, Decoder, Charge phones, sound systems, and clippers you need at least a 338W capacity battery,  a 160W solar panel, and a 150W inverter. For more appliances, you will need a higher capacity solar energy system. Beebeejump offer its H module product in this category. A 2.5kva capacity which consist of 6 solar panel and a 2.5KWH Lithium Battery. With this, you are good to go with the powering of your pumping machine, freezers, and more.


How much do I need to get a solar system?

You can get a solar system with as low as thirty thousand down payment. Some solar companies in Nigeria even give you a Zero down payment option. That is they install a solar energy system for you without any commitment and you pay them later. To enjoy a solar energy system for basic home appliances such as bulbs, fans TV powering e.t.c a you can get that with a thirty thousand down payment.