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I have a Fashion designing shop, where I make clothing as a Fashion designer. With most Clients on my neck to deliver, it requires that I work more than the regular hours to meet up with delivery time.
Along the line of delivery, there is the issue of regular light, most times when I need to work in the night, the noise and smoke from my #Generator makes it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand.
Neighbours have sometimes complained about the noise and the smoke, sometimes it has even caused quarrels. I have become an enemy of my neighbours because of my generator. There are times the Generator would even disappoint me, and it won’t come on, hence, I decided to cry for help.
A friend introduced #Beebeejump #solar to me. She said they have a product that can power my TV, decoder, they will give me a free Fan and that the product also comes with 2 #bulbs( 12watts and 1.5 watts). On further enquiry, I found out that the #Battery can power 4 12watts Bulb and 2 1.5watts bulbs. The next challenge was money.
My friend told me that they have a well-planned #payment plan. They have options for full payment, 1-year instalment and 2 years #instalment plan.
I decided to go for the 2 years plan. I paid N50000 as initial #deposit, got it installed, and have been paying N8900 monthly since December 2019.
What I like most about the product is that, are the bright #LED bulbs. They are far better than when I was using #Candles to work in the night. I bought 2 extra #big #bulbs, which was really helpful during the December rush. I was able to meet up with delivery and made more #profit.
My neighbours no longer complain of Generator #smoke or #noise, I have become the envy of my neighbours now and also my colleagues because when everywhere is dark, there is always light in my shop.
I will advice #Tailors#fabricdealers#tailorsassociation that want to also enjoy what I'm enjoying to call 08004000000(toll-free) or 09087595484(WhatsApp).
Moreso there're plans that cover #Cooperatives#Beebeejump have plans that cover #Cooperatives.