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Beebeejump Solar F1 Product

  • Model:: F1

This product mainly solves users' basic electricity needs such as lighting, blowing fans, and charging mobile electronic devices. The product is equipped with 6W LED bulbs and 1.5W LED bulbs. It is equipped with a 16-inch floor fan. The battery capacity of the product is 160WH. When fully charged, it can supply power for two bulbs and fans for more than 8H at the same time, and power supply for the fan alone exceeds 14H. .

The product has 2 input charging ports, equipped with 80W photovoltaic panels and power adapters, which

can support photovoltaic and NEPA charging at the same time.

The product has 2 LED light output ports, supports LED bulb cascade, and supports up to 4 big lights and

2 small lights;

The product has 3 ordinary DC12V output ports, and each single port supports power supply for DC devices that do not exceed 24W, such as routers, decoders, 24"/32" DC TVs, etc.

The product has 2 USB output ports, which can charge 2 mobile phones or iPad at the same time.

The product has passed safety testing and certification, and the main components are provided with 2-year



6W LED bulbs 

1.5W LED bulbs

16-inch floor fan

Lithium iron battery capacity - 160WH

2 input charging ports

80W photovoltaic panels

One power adapters